Best 3 Safest Methods Used for Motorcycle Towing

motorcycle towing

If you ride motorcycles, you know the beauty and uniqueness of this feeling. For every bike rider, their bike is a prized possession, and they care for it as much as they do themself. Imagine, to enjoy and feel the beauty of the weather when you are going out with your friends on your motorbike. Or in the middle of the journey and heading towards a beautiful destination. After taking a few miles, you find that your motorcycle has run out of gas before you find a fuel stop nearby and now there is no gas station near you. Or face a flat tire issue in the middle of the journey, you might get help from roadside assistance. But what will you do if the problem is not fixed by roadside assistance, because of some major mechanical issues? In such a situation, all you need to know is towing your motorcycle is the only solution left for you. But the fact is every motorcycle should know about the professional team near you to tow the vehicle safely. Because this is the most important and mandatory thing, if the team is not professional or doesn’t have enough experience with the towing method then it might make the situation worse and more frustrating for you by causing further damage and breakdown to your vehicle. Also, always choose a company that has a wide range of towing trucks because only professional companies have a wide range of towing trucks and special equipment, also capable of towing any vehicle apart from its size, weight, and condition.

Motorcycle Towing Safety Tips
We know every biker feels anxious about transporting the bike from one place to another, it’s common. So it’s not enough to hire a professional team to tow your vehicle, it’s important as well to know about the safest methods to tow the vehicle safely from one location to another. If you really want to save and protect your motorcycle from any further damage or breakdown.
Around the world, there are multiple methods used to tow motorcycles but only a few of them are safe and reliable, also depending on the use of the proper setups and equipment. Here we mention the three safest ways to tow your motorcycle without causing any damage or further breakdown. These methods will fulfill your towing needs depending on your personal preference and individual circumstances. Below is a brief description related to each method.

Flatbed Towing
Flatbed towing is a go-to choice and the most common method to tow a vehicle, especially for bikes and cars that are not in a drivable condition. The flat surface of the truck bed is boundless and unrestricted, supported by four wheels and a sturdy frame. In this towing method, things like special locks, straps, and ropes are used to keep the bike connected to the bed, preventing it from tipping over. Well, this solid setup does not leave a little space for error, so it is a simpler way to tow heavy, non-operational objects. Flatbed tow trucks are plentiful and easy to find, that’s why this has become the most common and safest way to tow vehicles for both long as well as short distances. To get the service, you can simply outsource a professional flatbed motorcycle towing service or you may rent one from a licensed truck rental company. This method also protects your motorcycle wheels from touching the road.

Two-Wheel Dolly Towing
Two-wheel towing is another perfectly effective method for towing motorcycles safely, especially if your bike is the only commodity you plan to ever tow with your vehicle. In the two wheel or two-dolly towing method basically, two wheels are connected to an axle, and supported by a frame with a ramp. This is the simplest procedure in which all you have to do is walk your bike up the ramp, make all the connections, and hit the road!

Towing Cradles
In your country, you must have ever seen an RV dragging a smaller vehicle behind it on two wheels, this is the most common method of towing you ever witnessed. These towing cradles are great choices for towing motorcycles and motorbikes that’s why this procedure is also known as motorcycle trailer hitches. Towing cradles are simple to use, compact, and inexpensive; and they work well to tow motorcycles for both long and short distances. To the back of a vehicle this trailer attaches, and the front end of the bike is connected to the trailer, while the back wheel is on the ground spinning.

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