How To Find Out If Your Car Was Towed Or Stolen?


Imagine that you return to the parking lot, do not find your car where you left the last time. Seems terrifying? That’s the reason why many get in this situation panic and think it was stolen. But before you determine your next steps the most important is to figure out whether it was towed or stolen. Have you known how to find out what happened to your car or how to figure out this situation? Well, isn’t that difficult, you’ll just have to know the procedure. Give a read at how to check if a car was stolen or towed!

What To Do If Your Car Was Towed?

You just need to check a few things to know your car was towed!
Step 1: Check the restricted parking signs at the space where you park your car, by looking around for restricted parking signs, no parking zones, fire hydrants, or something that would indicate why your car has been towed. Also, as evidence don’t forget to take pictures of any signage, or lack thereof, if you think you have been wrongly towed.

Step 2: Ask the surrounding people like fellow drivers, nearby shop owners, or employees, if they have seen what happened to your car or something that you missed.

Step 3: Now you have to determine the towing company. Doubtless, your car will be in an impound lot run by the town or city you are in, if you parked your car in a municipal space. But if the parking area is private property, your car is probably in a lot of a privately owned towing company.

Step 4: If your car is in a municipal impound lot, then call the local police, they will be able to tell you more about your car’s location. In case your car is towed by any private company, look for any restricted parking signs, or ask the nearest business for information, to get the number of the towing company.

Step 5: Ask what sort of documentation and payment will be required to retrieve your car, meanwhile on the phone with the police or towing company. Mostly license, registration, and insurance are all needed but this may vary.
Step 6: The storage fees can be steep and accumulate by the day so try to get to the impound lot as quickly as you can.

Step 7: After arriving at the impound lot, ask them why they towed your car. Most importantly, don’t forget to review any documents they present, before signing them. If the car has been illegally towed, know that you might be entitled to a tow hearing.

Step 8: After all the paperwork is done, pay the fees to retrieve your car as soon as possible. Whereas, in some places, you might have to pay past-due parking tickets as well before you get your car back.
Next time avoid illegal parking, do not get your car towed again!

Things You Do When Your Car Stolen!
First, you need to take a few deep breaths to calm yourself! Now come to the reality, we can’t guarantee whether your car will recover or not with these tips, but they are beneficial in speeding up the investigation and insurance claim process.

Contact Police Promptly:
Before anything else, call the police immediately, when you get confirmed your car is stolen. They will ask you for information regarding your vehicle like model, color, year, or license plate number of the car, GPS tracking code (if you have any), the parking or place where you last saw or parked the car and other information they need.

Call Your Car Insurance Company:
Keep in mind within 24 hours of the theft you have to claim your insurance company, give answers and the information they ask, as quickly as possible to fasten the procedure. Additionally, for security assurance, they can also want a list of personal belongings that you have in the car like a mobile phone, laptop, legal document, or electronic equipment. It is important to file a police report before taking any other action because they also want a copy of the police report.

Prepare Yourself For The Possibility May Be The Vehicle Not Returned:
Around the world, cars are quickly dismantled and parts sold, because most cars are stolen for parts. Because of these circumstances, most of the stolen vehicles are found without parts, so maybe you find your car damaged or the important parts missing.

Inspect Your Car If It’s Returned:
When the car gets returned carefully inspect it by wearing gloves. In case, if you find something suspicious, notify the police if you don’t want to hurt anyone.

Protected Your Vehicle In The Future:
The most important thing is taking some measure steps to keep your vehicle safe in the future. First, installing anti-theft devices, alarms, or other GPS trackers is mandatory, if you are really willing to protect your car from touching thieves again.

How To Protect Personal Belongings:
To cover your personal belongings or documents you have to file a claim as soon as possible because they can’t get covered by car insurance. Claim a file for your documents if you want to avoid any kind of major fraud.

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