How To Jump Start A Car: A Step By Step Guide For You

How To Jump Start A Car A Step By Step Guide For You

A dead car battery can make even the best of days take a turn for the worse, or in other words can easily ruin the plan of the day. Like you’re about to head out on an important meeting or family road trip, and suddenly you turn the key, only to be met with the car not starting. Equipping the tools and knowledge of how to jump-start a car can safely get you back on the road in no time or will not ruin your day.
If you are a vehicle owner then definitely face this dead battery situation at least once in your life, you can experience a dead battery any time of the year, but often happens in cold weather.
Luckily, jump-starting a car is easier than it may seem, you just have to get proper info regarding the entire procedure.

Learning Positive vs. Negative Terminals and Cables
Before you connect jumper cables to battery terminals, when it comes to the cable colors, you may be wondering, “Is red or black positive?”
It’s extremely important to learn the difference because connecting the wrong cable and terminal, or connecting the correct cable and terminal but in the wrong order, can be dangerous. Connecting cables and terminals improperly may destroy the entire electrical system of the car, damage or ruin the battery, or shock and injure you.

Red is positive. The red cable is the positive one, if your jumper cables aren’t color-coded, then to identify the positive cable look for a plus sign (+). This will connect to the positive battery terminal, marked with a “+.”
Black is negative. The black jumper cable is always negative. Similarly, if your jumper cables are both black, then to find the negative cable and battery terminal look for the negative symbol, a minus sign (-).

Guide To Jump Start Your Car
Jump-starting a car is a straightforward process, all you need is some jumper cables and a power source — like another car or a jump starter. With these tools, you can jumpstart your car in any weather condition, here’s how to jump-start a car battery:

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools
Make sure you have the following items, before trying to jump-start your car:
Jumper cables: Ensure the cables are in good condition and long enough to reach between the two vehicles.
A functioning vehicle: To jump-start your car you’ll need another vehicle with a charged battery
Safety gear: To protect yourself during the process, wear safety glasses and gloves

Step 2: Position the Vehicles
Position your car and the functioning vehicle close to each other, but make sure they are not touching. For added safety, turn off both engines and engage the parking brakes on both vehicles. Make sure the keys are completely removed.

Step 3: Connect the Jumper Cables
Identify the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals on both batteries after this connect the jumper cables in the following order:
1. First, connect one end of the red cable to the dead battery’s positive terminal, marked with a plus symbol.
2. Then to the positive terminal of the functioning battery, attach the other end of the red cable.
3. Connecting one end of the black cable means a negative one to the negative terminal of the functioning battery.
4. Finally, to an unpainted metal surface on your car’s engine block attach the other end of the black cable. This serves as a grounding point that helps prevent sparks near the battery. Even also make sure that the surface isn’t rusted or corroded.

Step 4: Start the Functioning Vehicle
Start the functioning vehicle’s engine and for a few minutes let it run to charge the dead battery.

Step 5: Start Your Car
Try starting your car, with the functioning vehicle’s engine still running. Your engine should come back to life if all goes well. In case not, then double-check the connections and try again.

Step 6: Remove the Jumper Cables
In reverse order carefully remove the jumper cables, once your car is running.

Step 7: Let Your Car Run
To make sure the battery gets a proper charge, allow your car’s engine to run for a few minutes. If this is reassuring, the problem is either the alternator or the battery itself, which charges it while the engine is running.

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