Questions Before Hiring Towing Services In Houston

You are in the middle of your journey and your car starts making issues or suddenly stops, the most horrible nightmare. Well, if it happens, then in these situations Car Towing Companies are the biggest lifesaver. You just need to call the nearest or most reliable car towing company whether you are facing fuel shortage, dead battery, flat tire, or other.
But ensure that the company you choose is a suitable fit for you or not before hiring them. This article will help you to learn what questions you have to ask before hiring any Car Towing Company.

1. Is The Company Insured?

Before anything else, check whether the company is insured or not, you can easily find this on Google. Getting services from a reputable company is beneficial for a better experience and peace of mind. Keep in mind the company won’t be a suitable towing company for you if they aren’t operating where you are.

2. What kind of cars Do You Tow?

Another important thing you need to know is whether the car towing company you choose is highly trained or not, also what types of cars do they tow? So it will make it easy for you to choose after knowing that they will easily tow your car and they are experts in their work.

3. Which Truck Does Your Company Use?

It is mandatory to ask about the types of trucks, before hiring any car towing company. Because to determine your car’s towing capacity it’s important to know about the truck’s towing capacity. Some companies do not have a variety of trucks like some have tow dollies and flatbed tow trucks. While there are some companies that only possess heavy-duty tow trucks to tow large vehicles. So, before hiring any company, better to ask about the availability of the truck that you are looking to fulfill your specific need.

4. How Much Will It Cost?

Discussing the rates and charges of any towing company is one of the most important things. Make sure you know the charges before hiring so there will be no major loss at the end of your car towing. Because each company has its own policies some might charge according to the truck while others charge by mile or per hour.

5. Which Payment Method The Company Uses To Charge?

After agreeing to a certain price offer by the company, you also need to verify the payment methods they accept. There are different payment options so you have to know about them like some firms only accept cash or certain types of credit cards. While the rest are only open for options of checks and money orders. So this is something to discuss in advance to settle the fees accordingly.

6. Do You Provide 24/7 Days Service?

Before taking any appointment make sure you must know the availability hours of a towing company. If your car breaks down at night you need to know if they provide night service or not, if they charge more for the night service it’s fine. Just ensure that they are available to help you in your emergency and don’t close for weekends or occasional holidays like Christmas or Sunday.

7. How Long Will It Take Your Assistance To Reach My Location?

You are getting late to reach your destination, then it’s completely impossible to wait for hours for the car tow truck company. Therefore you must ask for their estimated time of arrival (ETA) to save your valuable time while waiting for the car towing truck. Also, beneficial to consider other car towing companies options, if the one to whom you contact is not nearby you.

8. What If I Don’t Know Where I Am When My Car Breaks Down?

Another horrible condition is you don’t know where your car gets to break down, in this condition use an app to get a tow truck, mechanic, or roadside assistance from your insurance company or other provider to help.

9. Do You Have Storage Facilities?

If the company has a vast storage facility your car will be in safe hands. Because it matters a lot that after towing your where they parked it till the time or date you get your car back. The storage capacity of any Car Towing Company also makes it clear how reliable and famous the company is

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